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Dr Rechnitzer specialises in robust, in-depth accident reports, investigations and reconstruction, having first started with fatality investigations for the State Coroner and VicRoads in 1989, through to major investigations and safety projects for RTA; VicRoads; Victoria Police; Australian Defence Forces; WorkCover and WorkSafe Victoria; WorkCover NSW; BHP-Billiton, legal firms, insurance and transport companies, and many organisations large and small, Australia wide and overseas.

Dr Rechnitzer has published extensively on Accident Investigation, and was a lead author from 1996 on the chapter on Traffic Accident Investigation Analysis and Reconstruction, Chapter 140 for the ‘Expert Evidence’ legal series; Edited by well known legal experts Ian Freckelton and Hugh Selby.

GRA’s major specialisation has concerned the application of the engineering sciences to accident reports, investigation, reconstruction and safety in areas ranging from transport through to occupational health and safety in the workplace.

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A fundamental approach of GRA is to ‘accept nothing at face value’. This leads to a robust critical analysis approach to all information, research and testing, providing a suitably robust foundation for expert opinion.

Dr Rechnitzer has provided expert evidence in many courts in Australia, including Supreme Courts, provided depositions in a number of vehicle product liability cases in the USA, and has considerable experience in providing reliable expert court testimony.

Accident Investigation

Accident investigation is critical to the resolution of your legal case. Our incident investigation procedure is focused on providing the detailed information that you need. We take a comprehensive approach that includes the thorough gathering and analysis of data to determine the cause of an accident, and we provide you with the full support for your case.

Our expert work covers Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and throughout Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT. »

Our incident reporting and investigation procedure begins with gathering all of the facts, data and forensic evidence to help uncover the details of an accident. This information is analysed to provide a clear perspective on what occurred. In doing so, we can uncover evidence to further support your claim, while giving you full access to the forensic process. We provide accident investigation reports for businesses and individuals, helping them determine liability, costs and compliance with regulations. In addition, having detailed reports allows you to streamline claims related to workers’ compensation and helps your businesses to meet the needs of your employees while helping with compensation determination.

The investigation allows for the reconstruction of any incident to determine plausibility given the data already provided. You’ll be able to better control the factors that contributed to an accident, while the development of counter-measures prevents future incidents from occurring. This makes for a long-term investment in future workplace and product safety.

Our commitment to providing the most useful accident investigation for your needs is based on our use of engineering and reconstruction principles for determining the relevant information available. We use these tools to work in a wide range of areas including road safety, occupational health, and transportation. And our investigations have been utilised in cases both locally and internationally.

Our critical analysis takes into account all research and testing, and provides you with a robust foundation and expert opinion to apply to your case. More importantly, we organise the data through expert reports that can be easily presented in the courtroom.

This helps the courts understand the data provided, as well as documenting the processes and systems used in the investigation for full accountability. Accident investigations also provide preventative measures for the future of your business and workplace.

Our expert accident investigation, analyses, and incident reconstruction services have helped businesses and individuals in hundreds of cases Australia wide. Our high quality, independent, reliable detailed, expert reports have often played a critical role in helping to resolve complex cases and supporting litigation for our clients.

We bring over 40 years of experience to our accident investigation and reconstruction. This expertise gives you the best forensic evidence for court proceedings.

Accident Reconstruction & 3D Modelling and Animation

Most accident investigation cases and expert reports we do involve detailed accident reconstruction and collision reconstruction. We incorporate all of the available evidence, and combine this with well established reconstruction methodologies, and our own extensive expert experience to further understand and analyse the likely incident circumstances.

We now have the ability to perform accident reconstructions with incredibly detailed and accurate physics modelling, utilising the latest 3D analysis software, Virtual Crash 5.

This enables us to produce both static images, and full 3D animations, that are not only visually stunning, but have been verified to conform to rigorous physical and mathematical standards for output, giving our clients a further foundation of assurance in presenting their case.

Follow the Gallery link below to view example 3D reconstruction images and videos.

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