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We provide expert forensic reports in Melbourne and Australia wide, helping you gain an understanding around a given investigation. Our reports provide you detailed incident analysis and the processes involved in gathering the data through to conclusions and findings.

Our expert work is Australia wide, covering Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, and throughout Victoria, New South Wales, ACT, NT, QLD, WA, and Tasmania.

Dr. Rechnitzer & Associates have an outstanding reputation for expert forensic reports that are known to be among the best expert witness reports in Australia.

These are fundamental to all of Dr Rechnitzer’s work and are often described by clients as being amongst the best and most comprehensive expert reports they have seen. Dr Rechnitzer has provided many hundreds of reports to Australian and international clients during over 30 years of consulting.

GRA reports are all based on both a scientific methodology, and meeting the Court requirements which are the provision of impartial, sound, and transparent evidence, analysis and expert opinion.

Every expert report whether for large or smaller cases, receives the same attention to detail and analysis as the case requires, in response to questions required to be answered by the client. While realistic budgets are often a key factor, the quality of work remains the overarching determinant of all of GRA’s work.

Key Features Of GRA Expert Reports:

  • Based on scientific methodology, and meets all legal requirements.
  • It includes a detailed description of the steps that have been performed in collecting the data.
  • The information provided is produced for legal proceedings.
  • Comprises comprehensive incident investigation and reconstruction

The reports are quality driven, thus, every report receives attention in detail as required by the case

We strive to deliver expert reports that will help you gain an in-depth understanding of a given investigation. Our service covers workplace accident investigation, expert reports, forensic engineering, litigation support and more.

Our service covers Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and throughout Victoria, New South Wales, ACT, NT, QLD, WA, and Tasmania. We take care of every detail that may help you to further support your case. To ensure this, our forensic reports also include information related to the collection and transfer of data for secure delivery. This includes the use of any hardware or software to process the report.

We emphasize clarity and present reports in a manner that is comprehensive, transparent and based on independent expert opinion and experience. Our goal is to provide clients with a comprehensive investigation and detailed expert reports for litigation support in court proceedings.

GRA independent accident reports will bring rigour, detail, and clarity to your case. We have a record of providing quality service to business, individuals, and families in Melbourne. GRA reports have also been used in a number of international cases providing us the opportunity to gain insight into forensics investigation and litigation support for clients.

Call us today for a free initial consultation and an efficient expert report service in Melbourne and around Australia.

With our holistic perspective, many years experience, and detailed insightful analysis, we can offer you reliable and independent expert litigation support from simple to complex cases.

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